About Our Project

In November 2011, a group of Delawarean Muslim kids decided to work together to raise funds for building a well.  When we heard that the Zakat Foundation of America would be able to build a well in Africa if we could raise $3,000, we couldn’t wait to get started.  It was tremendously exciting to think that we could help out in providing clean water for people halfway across the world.  
Even though we started out as a small group of kids in Delaware, our project is expanding to different parts of the US. Please contact us on the Contact page to find out how you can be part of our project, too!

Meet Our Delaware Team:

Huda Kose
8-year-old Huda is in 3rd Grade and she loves to play with her friends. She lives in Delaware with her parents, two brothers, and two sisters.  Her friends say that she's a very nice person to be with. 

Merve Kekik
Merve is 8 and a half years old and is in 3rd Grade.  Her favorite things to do are to play with friends and play on the computer.  Her friends tell her that she's kind, good, and nice.  She lives in Delaware with her parents and elder brother.

Nur Kose
Nur is a thirteen-year-old high schooler who lives with her parents, two brothers, and two sisters.  She loves to read and write stories and has been doing so since she was 4.  Her favorite food is spaghetti and her second favorite drink (after water) is lemonade.  She tries hard not to waste any water and hopes to help hundreds of people in Africa get clean water to drink.

Furkan Kose
Furkan Kose
11-year-old Furkan is in 6th Grade and says that people call him 'awesome'.  He loves the color blue, Minecraft, and soccer.  He lives in Delaware with his parents, brother, and three sisters.

Rania Almoraisi
Rania Almoraisi
12-year-old Rania is in 6th Grade and she loves the color purple.  Her favorite foods are ice cream and hamburgers.  She is a nice person to be with and her friends and classmates say that she is shy and athletic.

Mirac Kekik

Mirac Kekik
13-year-old Mirac goes to 7th Grade.  He loves to play on the computer and play with his friends.  His friends say that he is very helpful.

Yusuf Kose

Yusuf Kose 
Yusuf is 9 years old and goes to 4th Grade.  His favorite thing to do is to play on the computer, even though he's pretty good at art. 

Reahaam Almoraisi
9-year-old Reahaam is in 4th grade.  She has two sisters, both older than her.  Her favorite color is purple and she loves to play games. Her favorite foods are pizza and wings.

Laila Almoraisi
10-year-old Laila is in 5th Grade. She has an elder brother and a little sister.  Her favorite food is chicken wings.      

Aarib Syed
10-year-old Aarib goes to fifth grade.  He has two younger brothers: Aadil and Aabid.  Aarib likes to play with his friends.   

 Zeynep Tuncer
Zeynep is 10 years old and is in 5th grade.  She has one little sister and one baby brother.  Her favorite color is blue and she loves animals and crafts.