Friday, May 4, 2012

NEW Come to Our Bake Sale Video - Spending in the Way of Allah

This humorous ten minute video follows the story of a young girl, Reahaam, who has just earned $100 as a prize for winning a school competition.  When she meets her friend, she eagerly relates her experience at the awards ceremony where the governor gave her a prize.  Happy for Reahaam, yet concerned for how she might misuse her money, her friends try to encourage her to donate some of her money.  Reahaam is first reluctant to part with her money, but after hearing stories of her friends' siblings and cousins who sacrificed their money in hopes of gaining rewards from Allah, she begins to have second thoughts.  Throughout the video, Reahaam learns of hadiths and ayahs from the Qur'an about generous and greedy people.  Watch this video to find out what happens.

Also learn about our upcoming bake sale.  Come on Tuesday to help us build wells for thirsty people in Africa!

SPECIAL at the end of the video: BLOOPERS
This video also shows some of the funny bloopers/mess-up scenes we had as we made the movie.


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