Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Story About a Boy in Africa

A Story About a Boy in Africa
By Yusuf and Huda Kose

"Mama, I want food,” said an African boy named Muhammad who could barely talk because of his hunger.

"We don't have food, "said Muhammad's mom.

"But...,"said Muhammad who was interrupted by his dad.

"Guess what, some kids raised enough money to make a well!"said his dad.

"Who gave it?" said Muhammad's mom who was surprised.

"A group of youth in Delaware, USA decided to raise money to make wells in Africa and they raised 5 wells so far and one is built in our village and another is being built somewhere else. The another ones are not built yet!"said Muhammad’s dad.

"I am going to help make it!" he said as he ran out of their tent.

"Muhammad, we can get clean water in a few days!" said Muhammad's mom.

Two weeks later.........................................................

I can't wait to drink clean water!"said people who were in line to get water for their families and themselves.

There was Muhammad waiting in line jumping to get clean water. He was so excited he didn't even notice that he almost fell down.

Muhammad is not a real person, but lots of other kids like Muhammad live in Africa. Please help these kids by donating!

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  1. love your story yusuf and huda! you guys make a good team. may Allah help you work for others always in whatever way you can


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