Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Young Girl In Africa

This Morning....

"Is there a well yet?" asked Khadija. "No not yet," said Mom.

"Well ok but I'm dying from thirst!" exclaimed Khadija.

Later That Day....

"I think Im gonna faint!" cried Khadija. "Don't worry. You won't faint," spoke mom.
"Well I feel like I will," mentioned Khadija.

That night... Khadija couldn't find her parents

"Where are my parents?" screamed Khadija.

"Oh well. I think it's just hard to see them. Then I'll go sleep," said Khadija"

"Zzz," snored Khadija.

Next Morning... Khadija found her parents

"There's a well in our village!" grinned mom and dad.


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