Friday, April 6, 2012

Successful Day at Oasis Cafe!

Today, after Jumuah prayer, the Delaware Youth Well Project Team set up a table in front of Oasis Cafe halal market to describe our project to others.  Being the first day of spring break for most of us, and our only free day of the week for the rest of us, standing outside for a number of hours during our very precious day was a big sacrifice.  However, we hoped that Allah would reward us for our sacrifice and that people in Africa would benefit because of what we did.

The experience was also fun.  The weather wasn't hot.  Instead, there was a nice cool breeze that occasionally (more like every two minutes!) blew our flyers and posters into the street.  But we learned an important lesson: Always bring duct tape to events of this sort!

We also enjoyed talking with our friends and eating candy on the beautiful, cool April day.  Taking advantage of this outdoors opportunity, and knowing that we are also part of the Green Deen Team earth club, we picked up some litter that we found on the sidewalk and street.  There were still lots more trash, however, and we wondered why people littered our environment so much.

Check out pictures of our adventure below.
Jazak Allahu Khairan everyone who helped out!

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